Today we had (once again) hardware troubles. We ended up replacing a lot of things, but in the end it was a) the HBA and b) apparently some memory DIMMs. Now, that isn’t SVC related. However, we built in another HBA (from our Standby hardware), which apparently already had been assigned to a host.

Now, since you can’t search for a WWPN (at least not that I know of), I ended up writing a little script (yup, AGAIN) in order to do that for me!

PowerShell brush for jQuery.Syntax

As you might have noticed, I’m using jQuery.Syntax as my Syntax Highlighting engine. As I recently started writing PowerShell scripts, I wanted syntax hightlighting for it.

Since I knew, someone already wrote syntax highlighting for GeSHi for PowerShell (I am lazy after all!), I simply took the color scheme (shame on me), and made hacked ahead. After about three hours (yeah, I had some trouble with editing the wrong damn file), I came up with this:

You’ll also need the fitting cascading style sheet for this:

I was also trying to create an “addon language” for PowerShell, PowerCLI. But that didn’t work right and I guess I’ll have to talk to the guy writing jQuery.Syntax on how to properly use Syntax.brushes.dependency.