VMware Update Manager issues

Well, I recently (last Wednesday) had a lot of trouble with Update Manager.

First I thought, upgrading vCenter and modules to 5.0U1 would solve my troubles, however it did not. Update Manager was still complaining about something. Since neither in the vCenter Update Manager nor the vCenter log itself were having any useful information I enabled SSHd and the ESXi Shell via the vCenter client:

SSH’ed into the ESX host and looked at /var/log/esxupdate.log, and found this particular log:

As you can see from the above log, for whatever reason, the Update Manager is trying to install an updated version of the VMware HA agent (vmware-fdm). Now, since that isn’t the job of Update Manager (afaik, vCenter handles that separately), I figured what the hell, let’s try and remove it as the ESX host was already in Maintainance Mode:

And guess what: after removing the package and then rerunning the Remediate task on the host, my troubles were gone.