Depression coming up

As you may now (or not), I haven’t been pretty active in the last couple of days (OK, I admit it has been the last two weeks).

Work is currently being a bitch (I have a 6,36h day normally, but lately that evolved into a 8+h day which I’m not even payed for), personal life is also a bit frustrating (yeah you know those people-people relations called friendship and stuff).

I thankfully saw Diego return from his vacation (well sort-of, line-cuttage ain’t exactly vacation), Benedikt just announced that linux-vserver-2.0.2 is now finally available (after _rc31) and I’m still waiting on some replies from a dear friend.

Also I’m still trying to keep up on Planet Gentoo and mailinglists; gentoo-dev and lkml most of the time (you can’t imagine how many time this takes 😛 ).

Let’s see how that all turns out.