About Me

As the blog title says, I consider myself a BAFM (Wikipedia calls them BOFH). This isn’t supposed to be taken literal, as I ain’t as bad as the original (that’s why I called it BAFM and not BOFH).

I am a 31 year old computer geek (if you don’t know the difference between geek and nerd: a geek only has Intelligence and a bit of an obsession, while the nerd has both as well as social ineptitude). Currently I live in South-West Germany, where I work for a large IT systems house.

When I’m at work, I pretend do be a system administrator/systems engineer handling Linux systems, VMware ESXi/Citrix XenServer and Guests (as well as the necessary infrastructure), some Windows boxen (oh, ~600 last time I counted), the SAN-Switches as well as the Storage (Brocade/IBM in the old world) and our UCS infrastructure and the necessary Storage (Cisco/NetApp in the new world).

In my past job, I used to be a jack of all trades – as in handling the whole IT for an entire data center (most parts of it) for a rather large University in North-Eastern Germany, as well as some sort of guide for a couple of trainees.

While I’m not working, I spend my time at the gym, (you know, to work of the anger and frustration one amasses during the day) or reading (what I would consider “good books“), mostly science fiction or “normal” thrillers (Dan Brown ain’t exactly normal, neither is Frank Schätzing) or modern adventures like Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt Adventures.

Maaaaany books!
Maaaaany books!

If there is some time left, I may end up watching one of my (maaaaaaany) DVD’s, go to the cinema and watch a movie (riiiight, what else would a single person do at a cinema otherwise ?) or just listen to my friends talking.

If you’re looking for a way to contact me, try my email address: christian@heimdaheim.de