Progress with apache-2.2

We’re finally making some progress with apache-2.2. It left the package.mask on the 8th of May (that’s like 3 weeks from tomorrow), we split some helper scripts into a separate package (app-admin/apache-tools).

I already fixed a few screwup I did myself (like apxs missing from either apache and apache-tools, or the compatibility symlinks being missing), so we “just” need to fix all the modules in the tree before apache-2.2 is going to get the new stable version (and of course anything else depending on. What also remains to do, is committing the new-style virtuals for bug 11007.

Also apache-1* is going to get removed from the tree pretty soon now (like starting next month 12th iirc). Now if anyone is going to start again, about apache-1* being “sooo” great and “waaay” better then the 2.* series, it may be yes.

But the point is, we (as in the apache team) needs to maintain it. Some other points include:

  1. We don’t have the manpower and/or time to maintain it any longer
  2. We don’t have the slightest interest anymore in apache-1, which hasn’t seen a release in about a year (July 2006 was the last release)

So, if you want to keep it around, either grab it from the attic at or copy it to an local/whatever overlay now, as its still in the tree.

Personal progress

Well, I haven’t blogged in ages (like about a month).

To answer some of the questions I got either via mail or on IRC …

  1. yes, I’m still alive; you ain’t gonna get away that easy πŸ˜›
  2. yes, I finally managed to buy my shiny new car
  3. I’m still working on apache, virtualization, mobile, kernel, hardened …

Though I may haven’t been that active recently (I don’t look at CIA or do I count my own commits), I think I managed to close some apache bugs and some of my own. I’m still looking for someone interested in working on the ipw3945 related packages, as I’m kinda sick of that buggish thing.

On the (kinda) bright side of life, work has been a real blast the last few weeks. I started designing a new cluster/fail over system for our web server, also planning on buying some more hardware (as in 2* DS4700, a Cisco MDS9506, and some thin clients) which will require some interesting, additional work.

I finally got that backstabbing BAOH ( kinda like “BOFH – bastard operator from hell”, it’s my personal bastard administator from hell) off my back, and I’m finally able to do some work 😯 !

My life is still a bit messed up, as is my nutrition; but it’s all getting better πŸ˜† (thanks to a kind person, who’s been telling me that I’m all cute and adorable πŸ™„ ) Thank you !!

Bla-bla-bla, yada-yada-yada

Interesting title … *shrug* I’m sitting back home, in my bed, while I’m supposed to be at work. I’m now a certified sicko due to a common cold.

Watching the toaster series once again (that’s Battlestar Galactica) and trying to think about some things. Heh, well thinking isn’t the right term; it’s more like meditate over stuff happening in the last few months.

Guess this stupid cold is dictating my weekend 😑 and hopefully I’m gonna be better on Monday. Have fun.