git-lkml for stupid people (like me)

OK, as Stephen recently asked why there is a double inclusion of in kernel/sysctl.c (and I asked Greg and Randy); I finally decided to write a patch to the LKML for possible inclusion.

But, git ain’t easy for people like me (who are used to the easiness of say – subversion or even cvs). So here’s what I did (thanks to Fernando for the help earlier today):

Now you should have a mailable patch, ready to be sent upstream that looks like this:

And if you wanna delete the branch afterwards again, just do this:

PacketPro 450 and SSH checks

As apparently the guys at Teamix read my recent blog post about their cluster solution, someone of their technical support called me on friday at work 😯

And pointed out

  1. That I’m free to express my thoughts about their product (which I recently did)
  2. That there is a better way to workaround this issue

He also said, its something which they had asked multiple times. It’s as simple as editing the Virtual Server and changing the service inspection from “Connection” to “None” .. *duh*

Don’t get me wrong, the previous rant simply originated from the logs filling up within three day. I still like the PacketPro.

Praise teh sed

Since my talk with Robin on Thursday regarding the autogenerated userinfo.xml, I finally found some time today to get all the info’s I need out of userinfo.xml.

Since I don’t really want to manually enter all those mail addresses from userinfo into LDAP manually, I figured sed might be my best friend. *BUT* sed ain’t easy .. But thanks to Fabian and Gilles, I learned something new about sed today ..

Basically I searched for a way to transform userinfo.xml into a datafile for ldapedit.

As most of you know, userinfo.xml would look like this:

So the first step would be to simply use egrep on userinfo.xml to filter only the things I needed ..

That looks more like a processable list to me. Now I only needed to convert the into dn, the into mail and be done with it.

This is what I applied on top of the above filter:

And that’s it, I just need to check the dn’s for all the users, and when I’m done with that, finito!