Adobe CS3 on Windows 7

Well it took me exactly two full Windows reinstallations till I figured that one out, thanks to Google. Basically the Creative Suite 3 installs an mDNSresponder as system service (named “##Id_String2.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##" -- don't ask me why the cryptic name), which basically screws up your Windows! It lays another physical network on top of the current one and once you reboot the system you’re gonna sit there and try and figure out, why the fuck you ain’t getting a DHCP address on boot. And since a simple deactivate/activate of the nic fixes it *shrug*

So I typed some random words that came to mind into Google, and quickly found this discussion on Microsoft’s ITPro forum:

Solution to all my troubles

So, after disabling the pseudo Bonjour service, everything is fine *shrug* Guess that’s what you get by using “old” software …


PowerCLI & Windows jump list for recent items set to zero

Today I had to install PowerCLI on my workstation. When I tried launching it for the first time, it simply opened and closed again instantly. After browsing the VMware community for this error and not finding a useful solution, I ended up googling the error. As it turns out, this only happens when you did set the “Number of recent items to display in jump lists” to something less than 4.

After changing the limit to something greater than 4, it just works. This appears to be a Powershell bug.