As might have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in the last week. Well, as you might have figured, (oh I don’t know – maybe from the blog title) I’m enjoying a three week long vacation.

Photo of the Garden

I’m staying with my parents, doing day trips and getting a tan (I’m working pretty hard on that!). I still have two weeks left (well, actually only 11 days – makes it one week and change), as I’m leaving for Stuttgart next Friday.

So far, cheerio.

NetApp – Remove LUN mappings

As promised in the earlier post, for completeness sake, here’s the counterpart for removing the LUNs in the first place.

With that, you can simply run it against a NetApp controller and remove every LUN map except the one with LUN ID 0 (which is pretty handy when installing/reinstalling ESX servers).

NetApp – Copy LUN mappings

Well, today I had another idea (basically like the one I wrote for SVC’s VDisk mappings a while back) for a script:

I’ll post the counterpart of the script (to remove the LUNs) in a second post later on.

NetApp – Get a list of volumes containing too much LUNs

Well, after figuring things out (and realizing that if you create a LUN in the same size as the volume it’ll break), I decided to write yet another script to figure out which LUNs needed fixing.

And with that you have a list of volumes, with the amount of space they need to resized in order to accomodate the contained LUNs and the snapshots.