Progress with apache-2.2

We’re finally making some progress with apache-2.2. It left the package.mask on the 8th of May (that’s like 3 weeks from tomorrow), we split some helper scripts into a separate package (app-admin/apache-tools).

I already fixed a few screwup I did myself (like apxs missing from either apache and apache-tools, or the compatibility symlinks being missing), so we “just” need to fix all the modules in the tree before apache-2.2 is going to get the new stable version (and of course anything else depending on. What also remains to do, is committing the new-style virtuals for bug 11007.

Also apache-1* is going to get removed from the tree pretty soon now (like starting next month 12th iirc). Now if anyone is going to start again, about apache-1* being “sooo” great and “waaay” better then the 2.* series, it may be yes.

But the point is, we (as in the apache team) needs to maintain it. Some other points include:

  1. We don’t have the manpower and/or time to maintain it any longer
  2. We don’t have the slightest interest anymore in apache-1, which hasn’t seen a release in about a year (July 2006 was the last release)

So, if you want to keep it around, either grab it from the attic at or copy it to an local/whatever overlay now, as its still in the tree.