Automatic updates on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10

I had the problem, that the automatic update function of YaST doesn’t work like I want it to. I just wanted it to install only those updates, that ain’t interactive, don’t need a service restart and don’t need a reboot.

YaST does only feature an online update that skips “interactive” updates (I’ve never even encountered an interactive update up till now). So I went ahead and wrote a (hackish) script, that achieves what I need.

And just for me, the crontag entry:

Praise teh sed

Since my talk with Robin on Thursday regarding the autogenerated userinfo.xml, I finally found some time today to get all the info’s I need out of userinfo.xml.

Since I don’t really want to manually enter all those mail addresses from userinfo into LDAP manually, I figured sed might be my best friend. *BUT* sed ain’t easy .. But thanks to Fabian and Gilles, I learned something new about sed today ..

Basically I searched for a way to transform userinfo.xml into a datafile for ldapedit.

As most of you know, userinfo.xml would look like this:

So the first step would be to simply use egrep on userinfo.xml to filter only the things I needed ..

That looks more like a processable list to me. Now I only needed to convert the into dn, the into mail and be done with it.

This is what I applied on top of the above filter:

And that’s it, I just need to check the dn’s for all the users, and when I’m done with that, finito!