Life as God it wrote

Well, some of you know I’m a bit clumsy. Ok, I went buying some stuff for Saint Nicholas for the ones I love, which came to me about ten minutes before the shops are closing. Navigated my butt into the car, drove the ~6km to the nearest store (which still had open, that was around 20:00).

Got all I wanted, went back to my car (you know, this one) and put the stuff into the trunk. When closing the trunk, I felt some opposition, so I closed it a bit harder. “Closed” I thought and went back into my car. When turning on the ignition the bord computer suddenly complained “trunk open“, so I went back out, trying to open the trunk. *WTF* .. I couldn’t get it open. So I tried again, still nothing.

Okay I thought, since it was kinda closed and I couldn’t get it open with some brute force, I decided to go back home. On the way back home I remembered the parking lot of one of the DIY superstore’s had rather good lighting. So I went by.

On the parking lot, after parking my car, I went over the back seats below the trunk deck into the trunk, removed the trunk deck and saw that I somehow stuffed one of those plastic cooling bags into the lock of the trunk. I went *WTF* and tried brute force again opening the trunk. Still a no-no.

Ripped out the cooling bag (eventually everything of it), went back onto the back seats and tried to open the left rear door, but that didn’t work. Again *WTF*. Toggled the central locking system with the appropriate switch on the front panel. Still *WTF* it didn’t open. So I crawled onto the front seats, where I saw a tiny red light glowing, which is where I figured that the child safety lock for the rear doors was still on .. that at least explained why I couldn’t open the rear door from the inside.

Finally back outside, I went around the car to the trunk, tried to open it. Nothing, again with some force, *TADA* and I got it open. Removed the remaining parts (what was left of the cooling bag), and finally could close the trunk like it’s supposed to close. *pfew*