Fujitsu Siemens, onboard NIC’s, Quality assurance and vendors

So we bought some Fujitsu Siemens P5916 Intel vPro back in January/February for the Boss and his secretary.

These boxes are quite nice, come with a Core 2 Duo (which is waaay to overrated for simple business applications like Word, Excel, Access and Outlook), but he insisted on having Windows Vista Ultimate ready PC’s.

We got them, as expected completely *blank*. Wasn’t so much of a problem though, since we have a Select 5.0 6.0 contract with M$. Only problem was, they refused to install Vista (as in freezing after preping the HDD). So I called our local vendor, who told me “Go, grab the latest BIOS from the support page and perform a BIOS update!” – Which I wasn’t so happy about to hear and to do … That didn’t work, the box would freeze on boot now …

So we reprimand our local vendor, who pushed the liability away from themselves and onto Fujitsu Siemens Computers (since they labeled these things Vista Ready). Next thing I know, I was talking to the sales person responsible for the R&D (F&L in german) in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, claiming “It would have been bettar if you bought these with Vista preinstalled – eh ?“, which I doubted (and still doubt) since drivers can’t change if you can install Vista on it when Vista itself considers the BIOS “not ACPI compatible” … 👿

That was about the time when I stopped listening and thought about buying Dell desktops from now on … since I’m completely sick and tired of being treated like the last low-tech moron by a) sales representatives, b) vendors, c) lvl2 technical support and d) engineering.

Anyway – I was trying to tell today’s story .. So the Boss called me in around 9′, asking me to take a look at his Outlook since it complained about “H:Outlook.pst” not being present (H: is the drive for the roaming profiles and the private data for every employee). So I looked a bit further, into the Event log of this Vista box where I found something like “No Logon Server found, your last locally saved profile is being reused, please contact your administrator”. From there on, I was rather – err -puzzled about the way Windows Vista is handling Roaming profiles.

Opened up a command prompt, tried ping‘ing the router in the subnet and got a garblish response from ping (which I’ve never seen before). First I checked whether the cable was OK (it was), afterwards I went grabbing his computer back to the workroom, plugged in a separate NIC, which worked but Vista didn’t had drivers for. So plugged in the next one, googled for Vista drivers (which I luckily found), plugged in my pendrive and hoped they’d work with Vista .. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

So I pulled the NIC again, only to see that the model numbers differed in the second digit (I plugged in a 500TX while I had a 530TX in my hands to look at the model number). Plugged in the NIC in my hands, did the same game again .. and Voilà, “Houston, we have lifted off … “.

Carried the PC back into his office, plugged it in, told him he could try to login now … and at finally around 10:30’ish he had his PC in a working condition back, and at least it seemed as if he was rather happy about it 😆