High Definition Multimedia Interface

Well, I bought myself a new TV last week (and it was finally delivered on Monday), which came with a HDM Interface. I also bought me a DVD player some time between New years eve and now (I don’t really remember when, I guess I could look at the invoice, but I’m lazy) with an HDM Interface.

Up till now, I had a SCART cable to interface the DVD player with my TV (the old one was really old, didn’t have no other interface). So when my brother said he was gonna go shopping, I told him he should bring me a HDMI cable. And he did that without any whining or complaining. He only said, I owe him 40 EUR …

At that point, I basically went WTF … Forty euros for a FUCKING 2 meter cable ?! Even if it’s completely molded out of gold, it’s still rip-off.