me + flying = chaos!

It’s been one of these days (yeah, I know … AGAIN). I was scheduled to depart from Stuttgart (STR) to Rostock – Laage (RLG) on 16:45 on Sunday. Well, if you know me, I did actually miss that flight the check-in for that flight by 15 minutes. 15 FUCKING minutes! Immediately called my Taxi (that is my parents) and told them to turn around, since they already had left to collect me from the airport ..

I walked back outside, through the revolving door, and while inside the door decided to get back to the ticketing counter. I ended up booking another flight (paying another 30€ for the chanced flight), and landed three hours later in Berlin Tegel (TXL). Thanks to my parents (who collected me from Tegel, and spared me the three hour train travel — like I did back in February), I was finally home around 1:00 AM the next day …

But guess what, another lesson(s) learnt!