Get a list of all disks and show the serial numbers


idle3 wrapper

Another wrapper (like mdstat), that’ll look through my Western Digital disks and fix any disk not having the head parking timeout set to a configured value.


Reset Master Boot Record (MBR)

Since I’ve been playing with my AutoYAST setup for the last few days, working out the kinks (for example SLES10 not being able to install into the MBR), I needed a way to zap the MBR (as in remove grub to see whether or not the installation would install a new loader). So after quickly googling, I found this:

That actually does the trick. The loader as well as the partition table are gone after wards!

Adapter bonding on Linux

Well, today I had a rather weird error. I was testing the adapter bonding on one of the boxen designated as Tivoli Storage Manager Server, when I noticed that the bonding wasn’t working as expected when simulating an error (that is unplugging one of the TP cables for the bond).

Now, the bond had “mode=6 miimon=100” as options. After running “linux bond debug” through Google (which turned up nothing useful, besides one document on the Oracle Wiki about IOS/Linux adapter teaming), I figured “Hey, just lets test switching the arguments.” And guess what ?

Afterwards, it just works when you unplug one of the cables of the bond, while it didn’t work before … *shrug*