Subversion via HTTP(s) and mod_rewrite

Well, I just finished my wild-goose chase with Apache and subversion regarding a rather weird error. I recently reinstalled our subversion box, and ever since then I was unable to commit anything new to any of the repositories.
Subversion told me this:

Apache didn’t say much about it either, besides this particular line:

Today I sat down and thought really hard, what exactly was different from before.

  1. Installed Trac instead of Redmine, but that can’t have anything to do with the error
  2. Configured URL rewriting …

As it turns out, the following RewriteRule was the cause:

After changing the Rewrite Rule (as showed below, compare the difference yourself 😛 ), it works just like a charm.

Hint to self: whenever encountering HTTP 302 in conjunction with Subversion, check the RewriteRule’s ❗