Qualcomm Eudora vs. Microsoft Outlook

OK, so I’ve spent the last day working on my bosses $MAILPROGRAM. In detail, I’ve been trying to get his mails from Eudora (which really is complete *crap*) to Outlook (yeah, yeah I KNOW but he really needs a decent calendar with his E-Mail program, which neither KMail, nor Thunderbird nor Mozilla Suite – aka SeaMonkey can provide).

Problem with all that is Eudora’s crappy way of saving mails (and their attachments). Eudora is saving the mails in regular MBX format, but is putting the attachments into a separate folder. I’ve looked all over the web, and only found one application capable of importing his mails into Outlook including the attachments from the Attach folder.

Luckily I managed to import at least his old address book including the distribution lists with Outlook Express (yeah, this blog post mentions all the crappy Microsoft applications 😛 , as Outlook itself failed and crashed over and over again while importing them (due to a distribution list having ~300 addresses associated).

Finally I’m back at my research project, trying to find some alternatives for plain terminal server usage (such as 2x ApplicationServer and/or 2x LoadBalancer for RDP/ICA. I’ll see what the day turns out to be, hopefully not as wicked as yesterday.