Windows XP(e) refusing to connect to a terminal server

Today a error message reappeared I thought I wouldn’t see again. We use Wyse Thin Clients and 2X running on two terminal servers, to provide the thin clients with applications. Now, once a while one of the thin clients (not all at once, just a single one) refuse to connect to the terminal server jabbing about this:

The error message you get from the 2X client ain’t the slightest bit more helpful.

I remember the solution being not so trivial with the thin clients. As it turns out, Microsoft does have a solution for that kind of problem.

Simply” open up the registry, and clean out HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftMSLicensing. That is the place where the remote desktop client saves the obtained terminal server licensing key.

Connecting to a remote console with MSTSC 6.0.6001

Well, as one can read in about every damn post you can find for that topic, the /console switch is now silently ignored, as well as the rdp file option “connect to console:i:1“.

Now, what you don’t find anywhere (only in some scenario explanation), that it is allowed to specify the mode (ie /console previously and now /admin) within the full address parameter.

Scenario: In the RDC client UI, you specify Computer_name /console in the Computer box (where Computer_name represents the name of the remote computer to which you want to connect), and then click Connect.

Behavior: The /console switch is silently ignored. You will be connected to a session to remotely administer the server. (For more information about the Windows Server 2008 behavior, see the “Behavior when you connect to a server that does not have Terminal Server installed” section of this article.)

So my rdp connection file basically looks like this: