Saying thank you

As I’m way better writing stuff than saying it with my own words, here a short Thank you!

  1. Christel, you have been a gracious and honest person, thanks for all the advice and help in the last year
  2. Chrissy, thanks for the inspiring words, you really made/make me feel better
  3. Alec (antarus), you’ve been a real friend and to say it with your own words “It sucks to be you”; to phrase it differently, I’m really going to miss you
  4. Bryan, thanks for all the help, thanks for all the fun at FOSDEM (and after FOSDEM, hah)
  5. Ned, Alexander (pappy); you’ve both been an inspiration, thanks for letting me work on hardened foo; it has been real fun
  6. Mike (vapier), thanks for being a smart ass and inspiration at the same time
  7. Chris, thanks for the inspiration and for being a sarcastic person 😉
  8. Andrew, thanks for trying to make a fun out of me 😛 and thanks for warning me of Chris’s sarcasm