Can’t find sheep^Hsleep

Ok, so I ended up lying in bed for two hours, so I stood back up and searched for some stuff that floated my mind. The end result seems to be the following:

  1. VIA EPIA SN10000EG (199,30€)
  2. 2x Kingston ValueRAM SO-DIMM 2GB PC2-5300U CL5 (DDR2-667) (each 31,31€)
  3. Club 3D GeForce 7300 GT, 256MB DDR2, 2x DVI, TV-out, PCIe (CGNX-HG736) (55,00€) — still need to find a riser card
  4. Transcend SSD/IDE 8GB (169,00€)
  5. 2x Samsung SyncMaster 204B, 20.1″, 1600×1200, VGA, DVI (LS20BRDBSQ) (each 309,00€)

I still need to find a fitting power supply, but I’ll leave that for tomorrow. The above leads me with about 520,00€ for the “PC” and 680€ for the TFT’s (as I don’t have any). And that’ll give me a full silent (as in not a single moving part), quiet workstation for my desk.

Another thing I went looking, was the at the “Unquoted value” stuff repoman started printing. Thanks to GNi (and solar) I was able to compute a rather looooooong list quite fast …

For my own remembrance, here’s the (combined) command I used:

The *real* original (from history):

Oh, may come in handy too:

  • repoman-full-20080107.log (2,1M) as well as
  • repoman-quoting-20080107.log (1,4M)