SMT mirroring troubles

Well, I’ve been having issues with our SMT. Basically after the release of SLES11 SP2 in February, I’ve been waiting for the repositories to turn “mirrorable”, which they haven’t yet. So I wrote a mail to the EMEA customer support.

And yesterday I got a reply, stating that my mirror credentials had been regenerated. And guess what ? I can mirror stuff again. So if you ever have any issues like the ones I described (or any of the people in the forum threads experienced), write a mail to your Novell customer support. 😛

SMT: Disable unmirrorable catalogs

Today I got this report from my SMT:

However, if you try and disable that repository with smt-catalogs -d, SMT is gonna quit your action with “0 repositories disabled“. Since I didn’t want the error to show up again, here’s a quick way on how to disable it.

Open up a mysql shell (mysql -u root -p preferably) and enter those queries:

Afterwards, if you rerun smt-mirror the warning message should be gone.