SLES10 on pSeries

Okay, yet another day passed by blazing fast. I had a good day at work, spent nearly the whole day trying to get my bloody systems hooked up to our SAN (which was interrupted by a non-working SAN-switch, disappearing WWN’s, lunch and my trainees), messing around with our internal network, hacking our Blade Chassis switches to get me what I want and some random paperwork.

But first things first .. We installed SLES10 on a pSeries box the other day (I think on Monday), and now I’m trying to get the WWN of it’s Emulex HBA, out of either sysfs or procfs. But whatcha’ thinking ?

I can’t get the dreaded WWN our of anything. Emulex’s hbacmd (from their HBAnyware utility) tells me there is no HBA and/or I don’t have the lpfc driver loaded (which can’t be, since I see IBM Tape Drives and my DS4300/FAStT900 via the lpfc), which is like … 😡

So if any Emulex/pSeries expert is reading this, *please* (I beg you) tell me how the frack I get the WWN squashed out of it without looking either at the back of the rack or into the BIOS.

And here’s just for the record (my own – so I don’t need to look it up more often) the way on how to reset the attention indicators (basically LED’s) on the front of a pSeries box running Linux, which gets turned on when either resetting the box or killing it in startup:

That’s it, the LED is off.