Blog is back!

As you can see, the blog is finally back! I haven’t been visiting the blog on a daily basis (actually, I haven’t been here for some time), so it apparently took me ten days to figure that the wp_posts table of my wordpress installation was marked as crashed.

To repair that, I had to take down the MySQL instance and use myisamchk on the .MYI file. Once again, it’s back now, only one draft has disappeared into thin air (well, that ain’t so bad), but that’s a minor loss.

I still have some stuff I wanna share, but that needs me to be at work (which I obviously ain’t right now, hehe). So I guess either tomorrow or on Saturday (which I’m at work — again!), I’m gonna draft up some of the stuff I’ve been meaning to publish … maybe 🙂

New Theme

Well, since it’s yet another new year (oh, Happy new year! by the way ..), I decided to drop the old crybook and switch over to iNove, which I think looks quite good with a few additions.

If anyone finds something that ain’t working or looks just wrong, tell me please.

Cascading Style Sheets are really weird

So here I was, sitting around and thinking about formatted classes for my paragraphs. Now the result is quite pleasing, but has some side effects. But see for yourself …

Messed up CSS
Messed up CSS

As you can see, the browser is reusing the background-image URL from the <p> element within the <a> element, even though the <a> element initially had none. Even defining putting an background-image: none; into the <a> class doesn’t get me anywhere.

The weird thing is only Firefox is displaying it this messed up (not so weird when you think about how IE 6 treats standards). So if any of you CSS wiz’ got a suggestion, I’m listening 🙂

Thanks to the tip of Dave(?), the issue is fixed now!