F*cking summer

Oh, yeah baby *g*. It’s finally hot f*cking summer and I *really* like it. We have now three weeks in a row sunny weather with no rain at all.

Everyone running around with less or nearly no clothes (heh, especially the girls) is also a nice present from above.

Personally I haven’t felt better the last two years. Maybe that’s depending on my previous depressions and the like (you know these thoughts .. ) but this summer is definitely going rock my life!

christel, babe πŸ˜› I have to say you’re not alone with those mood swings. I have them also from time to time. Everyone (well my friends :P) is bitching at me then like “C’mon, don’t be so negative about … blah” or “Why are you so angry at … blah ?”.

You’re also right, piling the anger up isn’t such a good thing (TM). Stress from work (or family :() is also doing its part.

Aaah, Joshua; I nearly forgot about you! Take of that hat! It makes you look like a clown, which you really are not πŸ™‚ And I’m gonna blog about my 15 billion pieces puzzle tomorrow (uploading ~180M of jpeg’s isn’t that fast with stupid 16k upstream).

Oh, by the way thanks Sven for the really great introduction of frilled! I really would like to see more of those (even if it will get pretty hard by the time :))

But enough of the bitching, now some infos/updates on the Gentoo/FOSS-related things.

  1. Herbert announced another release candidate for linux-vserver (surprise πŸ˜› rc27), and I really hope we’ll see the final version within this month (haha since this month ends tomorrow, nah the next month). I’ll prepare a patch-tarball and an ebuild later.
  2. As I earlier mentioned, I took some of Henrik’s packages (while he was on his Hiatus). And now he announced his resignation!. *sigh*. Henrik, I really hate to see you go.
  3. I also joined the kernel-monkey herd (thanks Henrik, Daniel and John for letting me), did my first release for genpatches (and messed it up, I *know*), became devoted to the mobile-herd (thanks Stefan for asking) and also poked around a bit with the hardened patchset for 2.6.17 (ah, thanks again John :)).

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