OK, as some of you may now (hah, you’re really a dear Mr. Gulleen); I’m currently practicing an extended time-out (sort of) from Gentoo.

I noticed devrel and all the other groups I have a responsibility for, that I’ll be more or less away till 30th November 2006. This is due some crazy stuff currently happening at work (like my desk being full of paperwork).

I also lately thought about retiring myself from Gentoo, but haven’t come to a conclusion yet. I really enjoy the work currently, but I can’t find as much motivation/time as I used to find earlier this year. True, work is currently eating myself up completely, with all that provisioning (which hopefully ends around 30th November this year – note to head: accounting at German universities sucks !).

What really annoys me lately on Gentoo is all the bitching / flaming on -core, in #gentoo-dev and on -dev. Boys can’t you act like adults and respect another persons opinion ? Whats the big deal to *act* like the person you are in your real life ? But I guess that’s only my personal opinion nobody is going to respect !


Today (OK, it’s yesterday now, it’s again after 12:00) I had a little fun with pappy (Alexander Gabert) preparing 2.6.18 for prime time 😀

So far all patches are applying fine and according to Alexander it even works on his workstation. But I’ll wait for Steve/Ned to get back to me telling me if this release works for them or not (as they had serious issues with their hardened desktops – something about the cursor being stuck in the corners).

You may also ask, what for is this mute-warning patch. Basically the new grsecurity patch increased the kernel’s verbosity while running make about two times 😮 . Thus we decided to revert the warnings to the ones used in vanilla (that’s via CFLAGS).