The Gentoo’ish look back

I had a very moving year with Gentoo. At first I only focussed on the stuff I already had (being vServer / openVZ related stuff), but later on also on suspend2-sources and other stuff I took over back when Hendrik retired.

Sometime this year (I think it was somewhere in the early summer) I joined up with the kernel herd, helped out Daniel while he was moving from London(?) to Boston, took over hardened-sources from John (who’s pretty much away). I had a rough break (you remember, the break that turned out to be my most active time) in October till late November, while fighting with my private life and work.

Somewhen between summer and my break I also managed to get hooked up with recruiters which turned out to be a great experience. I got to know Gentoo’s latest additions (graaff, welp, omp, eroyf …); I’m currently working on getting hyakuhei (Robert Clark that is) ready, and I think he is. Let’s see, once I’m back at my devbox (hah, just talked to my brother in the early afternoon, he’s playing Windowz games on it, probably Star Wars – Empire at War) I’m going to do the last steps before hooking him up.

I also managed to junk my time-table with ipw* related stuff (as I announced earlier this month, ipw2?00 is going away in early January – and no, ipw2?00-firmware is staying in the tree and no this isn’t going to affect kernel-2.4 users as it never was supported nor worked for them), mostly got ipw3945 working (thanks to Jan Kundrát and Hendrik who had the initial idea in his overlay iirc), ieee80211 is still a mess (and is hopefully going away soon as Robin (robbat2) told me today, starting with kernel-2.6.20 the ipw3945 stuff is going to work with the in-kernel ieee80211 stuff).

I also joined the hardened herd (only recently), which I am very thankfully for. Let’s see how the next year turns out.

Happy frackin new year !!!

My private look back

The year has left its marks in my head. I had a biiig rock bottom this year, which froze some of the best relationships (friend-wise) I had in my whole life (which I really regret), but I got to know a few people (most within Gentoo) better and even become friends with some of them (you know, whom I mean).

With focus at my physical and mental health the year has also left some marks. Mentally I’m looking forward to get some counselling in the next year, after I focussed my attention at the physical illnesses I currently suffer from.

I’m going to see the dermatologist on the next Friday again, the wound started bleeding, which isn’t that good. My cousin tried to convince me to go to the Katharinenhospital to get a second opinion, and even though I’m in pain with this wound (a little bit), I’m not going to spend another public holiday in a hospital. I had enough for this year from the yapping doctors and nurses.

So I’m going to spend this lovely evening with my aunt and my cousin (her husband needs to work till 2am in the next morning), eat some (more) meat fondue and go on relatives visiting tour again tomorrow (probably in the late afternoon).


Happy new Year!

I just watched CNN Live three hours ago, showing the New Year’s in Sydney Harbour, AU.

Looked really great, and as a matter of fact, I wish everyone a happy new year. I know, Diego kept saying its bad luck to wish that in advance, but what the hell ..

I wish every fellow Gentoo Developer and even those Gentoo Users reading the Universe from the bottom of my heart a happy new year and may be Gentoo with you.