Cisco sucks

OK, today we had somewhat of an emergency. The core-router for our entire network at work had some kind of hardware defect and repeatedly rebooted every three minutes caused the whole network to go *cabooom*. Usually (you would think), stuff in the same subnet (or VLAN) would still see each other (again, you would think) .. but apparently the VLAN/subnet database is stored on the core router and took *all* subnets with it.

So the core router took our NAS cluster down (as they lost their “PUBLIC” interface) and apparently a minute after the core router went down, our FC storage started sending resets to the FC bus … and there went our ESX cluster ..

I’m still pretty unsure what *exactly* caused the FC storage to send those TGT resets, but it looks like is has something to do with the core router vanishing, as the same thing happened already two times in the past exactly after the core router blew. Still this shouldn’t be happening, as the FC network and the normal network are completely separated (despite the storage having a management port). So stay tuned for some more IBM fun *sigh*

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