Frantic work, private life, friends

Well, it’s been a full month since I last wrote something. Back then I had some problems with 2X, Windows Terminal Server and printing (I still have problems, but not those anymore – I resolved them).

Work has been unusual frantic the last month, as well as I don’t pay much interest to all the things in Gentoo anymore (that was an advice from my shrink), as it just keeps putting on my anger/urge to do something nobody wants me to do even more. So I invested my time into doing other things (like baking or reading one of the many books that I buyed of Amazon and didn’t ever get a chance to read) I enjoy more.

I haven’t been completely dormant when it comes to Gentoo work, I finally went through the slacker list of last month (resulting in some retirement bugs, some already resolved – others not). Also I’ve been working hard with Robin on getting the auto-synced userinfo.xml working, in order to get away from two different sources of data. So be advised, you should rather edit LDAP (you can edit most of your own record by now – besides gentooAccess of course).

Now, my remaining task is, to get the missing data from people I mailed (most of them answered, others didn’t which is a real shame). Once that is done, we can simply lock the userinfo.xml in the gentoo/ repo, and then simply turn on a script to grab the userinfo.xml from LDAP and push it to the webnodes.

As for my personal life, it has improved at least a bit. I’ve been seeing a shrink to help me through some stuff (you know how life is – challenging), but also some of my friends helped me (heya there 😛 Diego, Alex, Christina, Norman, ……)