For what it’s worth, I’ve been trying to get some stages together the last few days. Thanks to solar and Brent, the ppc-stages are now coming along quite fast.

I haven’t really tested them yet, but for what it’s worth, you’ll find stages based on Saturday’s snapshot (that is 200780105 for those not smart enough to take a look at the calendar) here for the following profiles:

  • uclibc/ppc (normal/-softfloat)
  • uclibc/ppc/hardened
  • uclibc/x86
  • uclibc/x86/hardened
  • hardened/amd64
  • hardened/amd64/nomultilib
  • hardened/x86/2.6 (x86/i686)

Now remember, this isn’t *official* release material. This is just *MY* effort (for now) to provide current stages.

And just a side-note for those brewing their own (uClibc) soup: if you remerge system/world, you’ll have to keyword =sys-libs/uclibc. Otherwise you’ll stumble on bug 195368, which is fixed thanks to solar, just not marked stable yet.

9 thoughts to “stages”

  1. “based on Saturday’s snapshot (that is 20070105 for those not smart enough to take a look at the calender)”

    Looks like you’re the one who needs to look at the calendar. You might also want to think about using a spell checker. 😉

  2. Thanks for those, I always appreciate work being done to get Gentoo going with uClibc. I’m guessing the x86 one was built as i686. Shame. I would have used it on my Toshiba Libretto (Pentium MMX). (-;

  3. Good work! I like those stages. I’ve just used the default ppc one (i.e. no hardened) to install gentoo on a EFIKA.

    Keep the good work up. Do you have some kind of automation to create these stages on a regular basis?

  4. tried for days getting the latest uclibc-hardened installed with no success….

    can you build an installable livecd/usb that any noob can use?


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