IBM (Tivoli) Integrated Solutions Console

Here I am, preparing our environment for the first (of hopefully many) tester for our upcoming VTL project. So I ended up installing the ISC and Administration Center for Tivoli Storage Manager on a 64bit guest (that is SLES10 for AMD64), just because I forgot to include support for later versions with our current running one. Guess what, nana na na na. Exactly, didn’t work, the same errors I got while trying it before in a virtual environment. “Portlet is not available.”

So I ended up redoing the whole thing on a 32bit guest and guess what … bada-bing. works … *shrug* I don’t know whether or not that’s a surprising thing .. but what surprises me, is that I do have a working 64bit Integrated Solutions Console and Administration Center running, only difference is that one is running on real hardware.

Anyway, after looking on how the Integrated Solutions Console (that is the Websphere environment – yes *yuck*) did it’s own start up after boot (you know, I’d like to restart an application if it’s hanging without the need to reboot the whole box), I found this particular line of code:

And since I was lazy (and it was already Friday afternoon), I ended up writing a small init script which rids you of the need of such a ugly way to start a service.

And the corresponding sysconfig file:

Et voilá, it’s done. Now just a `chkconfig -a isc‘ and it’s gonna startup nice and easy (when it really should) via the normal service startup and not get spawned from the inittab.

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