What’s up, dude ?

Some people might ask, “Gosh, what’s up with you ?” .. Well I’ve been incredibly busy with work the last month (sheeesh, another month already passed by). We finally finished the public tender; gonna get some of the components next week (that is the library extension, the LTO4 drives and cartridges, two brand new Cisco MDS9134 and some Fibre channel hard disks for the existing DS4700). After work, I made my usual visits in the gym and well, after I was home some relaxing, kicking up my feet and doing nothing (as in zip).

I’ve visited Munich in late August for a job interview (though they handed me the “Dude, you’re good. But you only finished second” answer by now), had a long weekend for a change (as in five days), which I used to visit my aunt and my cousin in Stuttgart.

Spent some more time figuring out TYPO3 stuff for work, made a terrible mistake (copied a vHost configuration and changed only the ServerName, left the ServerAlias‘es in place). I’m currently writing a review (as well as a Nagios impacted howto) for the MessPC Ethernetbox, hopefully once I’m back at work I’ll be able to finish it.

Right now, I’m home sick (yup, again) with a cold (or something similar, still having para nasal occlusion). Well, I guess I’m gonna be fine next week (at least I hope so …). Cherio.