Tivoli Storage Manager Client and Microsoft Cluster Services

Well, I just had another look at our client scheduler services on our Microsoft Cluster. A while back we noticed that those scheduler services were going nuts after some time. Well, as it turns out, I can tell why. Microsoft Cluster Services have a feature called registration replication, which replicates a given key, if changed when the resource is online, to all connected cluster nodes.

Now, we added the obvious registry key to the settings of our cluster resources for the scheduler services (SOFTWAREIBMADSMCurrentVersionBackupClientNodes<TSM NODE NAME>) and the scheduler service would use the same registry key to store it’s passwords. But it seems we were far off with that assumption.

The scheduler service uses another registry key, it’s quite similar to the one the GUI is using, but it’s different enough (SOFTWAREIBMADSMCurrentVersionNodes<TSM NODE NAME>).

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