Nagios: Integrating Cisco switches

Well, as I wrote recently, we received a new BladeCenter a few weeks back. Now, as we slowly take it into service I was interested in watching the utilization of the back planes as well as the CPU utilization of the Cisco Catalyst 3012 network switches.

The first mistake I made, was to trust Cisco with their guide about how to get the utilization from the device using SNMP. They stated some OID’s, which I tried with snmpwalk and got a result from.

Now, as I tried retrieving the SNMP data by means of the check_snmp plugin, I got some flaky results:

Those of you, who read the excerpts carefully will notice the difference between snmpwalk and the OID I passed on to check_snmp.

The point being, the OID’s Cisco gave in their Design tech notes are either old, or just not accurate at all. After passing on the .0 to each value given by Cisco, the check_snmp is all honky dory and integrated into Nagios.

As usual, the Nagios definitions are further down, for those interested. Read More

Linux: Getting information about an EXT3 filesystem

You know, I’m not getting any younger. It’s getting harder remembering every damn command … so here is how you get information out of your EXT3 filesystem: