Winter on Spiekeroog

Well, as I wrote last year, I spent some time with my brother on Spiekeroog (that’s where he’s currently living and working). As I left on December 4th, it started snowing like crazy ..

If you read the old article, you might remember that I mentioned Spiekeroog is 100% free of fossil fueled vehicles. That being said, let’s continue with the story I’m about to tell.

Anyway, my brother was walking me back to the hotel boat and we waited a bit in the harbour since we were a bit early. Now, every item is delivered by ship to the island, since there’s no other way (besides by air, which is kinda expensive ..). Anyway, them dockworkers ain’t stupid. They needed some snow-free space, and they started clearing the snow. But how ?

Well, again, them ain’t stupid … You take a forklift and a euro-pallet and you got what ? Exactly, a snow plow!

Spiekeroogish snow plow
Spiekeroog’ish snow plow

I know, the images are kinda grainy, sadly I only had my cell phone to take the photo (left the digital camera at home). C’est la vie ..

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