Updating a Linux VM from Virtual Infrastructure to vSphere

Well, if you’re gonna update a SLES10 (or even a SLES11) VM, you created with Virtual Infrastructure, you’re gonna run into a snag (like I do). Grub (or rather the kernel itself) is gonna barf.

Now, I searched for a while and didn’t find anything specific on the net, so I’m gonna write it down. Up till 3.5U4 the maximal resolution you’d be able to enter within a virtual machine was vga=0x32d (at least for my 19″ TFT’s at work). But now, after the upgrade to vSphere that isn’t working anymore.

Popped in a SLES10 install-cd selected the maximal resolution from the menu and switched to a terminal soon after it entered the graphical installer. A short cat /proc/cmdline revealed this: vga=0x334.

After switching these parameters in grub’s menu.lst, everything is back in working order and not waiting 30 seconds on boot …