SLES10 not installing boot loader in MBR

Well, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I had some trouble during the week. I was having issues with SLES10 installations not finishing during the bootloader installation phase. After trying out different flavors (as in 10SP2 x64/x86, …), and not having any luck with this, I went searching on Google as a last effort try. Guess what, yet again Google helped me out!

It was pretty simple. Putting /dev/cciss/c0d0 into /boot/grub/ as (hd0) made the grub-installer finish. Now, figuring out how to transfer those information during the installation proved difficult. I was just about to give up, while reading through the AutoYAST documentation, when it struck me. There is even an extra chapter for this stuff, so simply putting the following into my profile solved my issues: going away

Since I didn’t have any time to actually maintain my own repository of RPMs, as well as I don’t have any need for the RPMs contained within (simply I don’t use them at work anymore), the whole shebang is going away!

I know a few people actually still use it, so I’m gonna put in a disclaimer and let some time pass before completely removing it. Just be warned, it’s going away! Again: is going away!

Reset Master Boot Record (MBR)

Since I’ve been playing with my AutoYAST setup for the last few days, working out the kinks (for example SLES10 not being able to install into the MBR), I needed a way to zap the MBR (as in remove grub to see whether or not the installation would install a new loader). So after quickly googling, I found this:

That actually does the trick. The loader as well as the partition table are gone after wards!