NetApp: SnapVault snapshot retention for non-standard snapshot names

Well, the name says it pretty much. Once you rename the snapshot on the SnapVault destination from daily.0 to something else, the whole builtin SnapVault snapshot retention isn’t gonna work anymore.

Back when I started all the code-writing, I wasn’t aware of this. One of my co-worker complained to me about it on Wednesday that there are an assfull of snapshots on the SnapVault destination (one snapshot each day since the end of October, meaning more than 50 snapshots per volume, in a total of 12 or so FlexVolumes, making the total about 500 snapshots).

So I took the time to write this little Bash script (yeah, I know I’m mixing a bunch of languages – I really like the KISS principle), which will get the necessary information from the filer (snapvault snap sched needs to be set) and then deletes the over-aged snapshots.

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