5 year flashback

Today I looked at my ADSL router and had a flashback about five years ago. Back then I was working for the university and used a dual line ISDN link for internet which had about the same bandwidth as my ADSL currently has …Synchronous DSL speed

After that experience I know how people must feel in some areas where internet isn’t as advanced as my normal 2MBit ADSL line … Loading YouTube or even a simple forum is a real waiting game (took me about two minutes to load up a hit out of Google), and I even attest myself a dependency on even normal ADSL (not one of that superfast 32MBit lines – just 2MBit).

I can’t even use VPN/Citrix over those 164 KBit (yeah, it’s too slow). So guess I’m rooting for the Telekom technician today. *shrug*

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