OpenWRT on DIR-615 H1 – Port mappings

Well, I’ve been fiddling with OpenWRT to replace my crappy Vodafone Easybox 602. Up till now I had DD-WRT on the DIR-615’s (yes, two) however recently (I think due to the Synology DiskStation in combination with a WDS setup) I had to filter SSDP broadcasts storms (which in turn kill the Easybox), which isn’t quite so easy on DD-WRT, but rather easy on OpenWRT.

Today I went thinking about VLAN-Tagging and stuff, and I had to figure out the physical to logical port mapping for the DIR-615. So let’s run swconfig dev rt305x show on the DIR-615 after plugging in the RJ45 cable to a port.

Out came this nifty table, which’ll hopefully help me, wrapping my head around this whole VLAN thing.

physical port CPU WAN WLAN LAN 1 LAN 2 LAN 3 LAN 4
logical port 6* 5 4 3 2 1 0

Keep in mind, the CPU port (or the backplane port, connected with 1000 Base-T FD) is by default in both VLANs as a tagged port.

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