Migrating from XenServer to ESXi

For the past two months we’ve been trying to migrate a bunch (90 or so) VMs from XenServer to ESXi … However for some reason on some of them, the Converter Service would crash.

VMware Converter crashing due to rsintcor32.dll
VMware Converter crashing due to rsintcor32.dll

Up till Monday, I had no idea why. I decided to look into the error once again, and this time decided just to Google the failing module… And guess what ? Out came this Citrix forum post regarding the failing module. So, after knowing that rsintcor32.dll belongs to the Citrix System Monitoring Agent service (well, I could have guessed that from the DLLs path :P) I decided to simply stop the service.

And now, we can migrate the remaining VMs to ESXi and get rid of XenServer!

3 thoughts to “Migrating from XenServer to ESXi”

    1. Because Citrix XenServer, even if it is “free” for us, it ain’t really free once you consider the man power necessary to administrate a adequatly sized environment (we’re talking 40+ hosts and 800 VMs, plus another 20+ hosts and 250 VMs).

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