NetApp: Archive SnapManager SQL snapshots

As I wrote before, we’re using SnapManager (for SQL/Oracle) to create consistent snapshots. However my database guys don’t want to name their snapshots daily.<increment> (which I can understand), as once you archive those snapshots to a secondary (and tertiary) system, the names become junk.

So, they’re naming the snapshots like snap__vcsrv_29_12_2012-10.00.01. Sadly, when it comes to SnapVault, it expects the names in form of daily.<increment> otherwise you won’t be able to transfer the snapshots with the CLI (none that I have found anyway).

But we didn’t want to move away from naming the snapshots the way they are, so I ended up writing a PowerShell script, that once triggered archives the Snapshots needed for a set of databases. It took me a while to figure a bunch of stuff out, but in the end I think I have a working way of archiving custom-named snapshots.

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