NetApp: Archive SnapManager SQL snapshots

As I wrote before, we’re using SnapManager (for SQL/Oracle) to create consistent snapshots. However my database guys don’t want to name their snapshots daily.<increment> (which I can understand), as once you archive those snapshots to a secondary (and tertiary) system, the names become junk.

So, they’re naming the snapshots like snap__vcsrv_29_12_2012-10.00.01. Sadly, when it comes to SnapVault, it expects the names in form of daily.<increment> otherwise you won’t be able to transfer the snapshots with the CLI (none that I have found anyway).

But we didn’t want to move away from naming the snapshots the way they are, so I ended up writing a PowerShell script, that once triggered archives the Snapshots needed for a set of databases. It took me a while to figure a bunch of stuff out, but in the end I think I have a working way of archiving custom-named snapshots.

The script is being called with a list of databases (simply append “msdb vcdb vumdb ssodb” to the execution of the script), from that grabs a list of affected volumes (in case the databases is distributed over a bunch of volumes) – so the user needs to have access to the database.

From that list of affected volumes, the script triggers a SnapVault Archive (using SDCLI.exe’s snapvault archive function) and then wait’s for the Snapshots to appear on the SnapVault destination.

Once the Snapshots are on the destination, it’ll rename the Snapshots to reflect the names of the originals.

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