Implementing SnapVault backups – the hard way

Well, I recently had the pleasant task of implementing SnapVault backups, that are being shipped to an offsite location with SnapMirror.

That in itself isn’t the bad thing, however we decided against Protection Manager (since it was a charged product back when we decided on this). So I basically had the three tasks:

  1. Actually implement the SnapVault stuff (and learn my way around it and also document it)
  2. Write a bunch of scripts, that help us in creating scheduled backups of our databases
  3. Create a monitoring script, that’ll fit into our Nagios environment already in place

Well, two months later (sadly it still has some kinks – I can’t figure out this one bug though for the life of it) and a few hundred hours of working on/with it and out came four things:

  1. Bash-scripts to create the SnapVault/SnapMirror relations
  2. Powershell scripts to trigger the SnapVault updates
  3. a Nagios plugin, based on NetApp’s SDK for Data ONTAP (even if the API is crap from time to time – it’s still better than using SNMP)

I’ll post those things one after another, once I wrote up all the articles.

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