Reviewing Mobile Admin by Rove

Well, Laura Kedziora (Marketing Manager) from Rove contacted me about two months ago, whether or not I’d be willing to write up a review about their upcoming release of Mobile Admin supporting Nagios!

At first, I didn’t even know what “Mobile Admin” was .. though I heard some good things about Rove. After playing with it in a VM, I do have to admit that it’s a real neat piece of software.

You can cover the whole (well, pretty much everything) shebang dealing with Nagios with the cell phone. But not just that. I could also manage our VMware Infrastructure (or vCenter) with it, as well as a SCCM environment (if we had any that is). Since I only have a shitty-old Nokia (not the required Nokia 6xxx), I ended up borrowing my brothers BlackBerry to take some photos. Read More