AIX 5.3 Linux Toolkit

OK, so I skipped rebuilding a newer RPM version (for now) and I’m currently rebuilding anything that fit’s into app-dev according to IBM …

The list reads like this:

OK, I’m not exactly rebuilding these old versions, I’m actually using their old specs to compile newer versions of these. I’m currently at coreutils-6.7, which really takes ages. But will see about the rest.

Oh, and btw .. if anyone happens to search for a way to extend a logical volume on AIX, use chfs.

That’s what I used to enlarge the logical volume containing /opt about 4 (what kind of unit is that ?).

4 thoughts to “AIX 5.3 Linux Toolkit”

  1. from the chfs man page .. you extended it4 512-byte blocks

    -a size=NewSize
    Specifies the size of the Journaled File System. Size can be specified in units of 512-byte blocks, Megabytes or
    Gigabytes. If Value has the M suffix, it is interpreted to be in Megabytes. If Value has a G suffix, it is interpreted
    to be in Gigabytes. If Value begins with a +, it is interpreted as a request to increase the file system size by the
    specified amount. If the specified size is not evenly divisible by the physical partition size, it is rounded up to
    the closest number that is evenly divisible.

  2. if you extend by +x, then you extend it by x times the size of your VG PP. ie, ‘lsvg rootvg’, look for PP (maybe 32 or 128), this will extend by x times that number.

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