Windows Server 2008

Well, as it is Saturday and I’m having lots of time (whereas I’d usually spend it working), I thought I’d give Windows Server 2008 a try. What interested me most, is the Windows Server 2008 Server Core Installations, as it’s supposed to lower the security risk (as there is *no* Internet Explorer, no Explorer nothing running by default, only a simply cmd.exe).

As one of my co-workers requested me to upload the Standard/Enterprise/Datacenter DVD (which he got through our Microsoft Select 6.0(?) agreement) to our ISO’ VMFS, I had the DVD already at hand. As for that, I *really* love the feature set of VMware.

Deploying a new VM (even if you have to reinstall it) is quite fast (took me about 20 minutes, which I used to get some breakfast – it was only 6:30am). That’s about when I figured, how damn greedy Windows Server 2008 is. 16GiB hard disk as default installation and 2GiB RAM for a simple server ? Damn.

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