Zend Optimizer again

Well, I happen to be back at my favorite application. Today I stumbled upon a “nice” thing. If you turn on the Zend Optimizer (doesn’t matter whether it is 2.6.2 or 3.3.0), one of the TYPO3 back ends ain’t showing *any* content in the preview pane. Once you turn the Zend Optimizer stuff off, it works without a problem.


And as Zend stated on their “Support Forum“, they don’t really support the Zend Optimizer stuff in the first place. Which is nice, what for do you need the Zend Guard shit in the first place ??

Well, so I do have two options now:

  1. Disable the one plug-in, which really needs the Zend Optimizer (as it also features the Zend De Guard engine – or whatever you want to call it)
  2. or risk some other things breaking due to the Zend Optimizer engine not working (correctly) with php-5.1.2 (which is rather old considering 5.3.0 is in development right now)

But I will see about that tomorrow …


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