To be or not to be …

… that’s the question. I’ve been thinking lots and lots about my involvement with our “beloved” distribution.

I talked to some of the users (that is Gordon), some fellow developers (hello Christina, Łukasz, solar, Jorge, Anders) about whether or not I’m actually still wanted and/or needed. Turns out, the collective opinion is, that I am fun to have around (*shrug* don’t ask me why, I don’t find myself particularly funny/amusing) and that’d I’d be the person to have around.

That being said, I still do have some things on my agenda (they haven’t changed .. like getting healthier – as in heading to the gym; getting a better paid job; getting my own life; getting some friends), which are going to jockey with those Gentoo interests.

3 thoughts to “To be or not to be …”

  1. As a user I’ll just say that every dev counts! Thanks for your involvement sofar, I hope you’ll find time to continue:)

  2. Please don’t confuse getting healtier with going to the gym. Going to the gym could make you more physically fit not necessarily healthier. Health has to do with not getting sick. Being able to fight infections is a function of your immune system and a healthy immune system is achieved solely through proper nutrition. Just look at how many athletes miss games from the flu. If they get sick then they are not healthy yet they are most likely physically fit. Are they not? Just my 2 cents.

  3. @Javabob: Aaah, but being fit and getting exercise is also benefictial to ones health. 😛

    @phreak: Don’t go! Or I’ll hold my breath until I go purple and cry! 🙁

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