Integrating Windows XPe into Active Directory

As the guys over at FreeWyseMonkeys demonstrated with, it ain’t hard to integrate a Windows XP Embedded system into Active Directory.

You basically need this:

  • A system powered by Windows XP Embedded
  • netdom.exe (from any Windows XP – SP2 in your MUI language)
  • some know-how, on how to use netdom to integrate it into your AD

Everything else is already present on the Windows XP Embedded systems I’ve seen. Then let’s get it on !

First, copy over the netdom.exe to your XPe, and then run the following command:

Here as a note:

  • ud and pd is a User/Password inside your Active Directory with the permissions to create new computer accounts
  • uo and po is a User/Password with administrative rights on the Windows XP Embedded device

After that, you just need to reboot, Et Voilà! the system is present in your Active Directory. Just be aware, if you’re using a localized Windows XP Embedded by Wyse, make sure to contact your fellow Wyse Support, as the is a bug with the MUI stuff needed for the domain logon.

Also, as yet-another side note: The default Administator password is mentioned in this Knowledge Base entry.

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