Looong time

Well, it’s been a loong time since I first thought about retiring (yes, I know that #-dev’s topic states “developer blogs” ain’t for announcing important things, but my blog has to do for this; if not, I don’t care anymore ❗ ).

But I think it’s about time for me to leave. I haven’t done much lately, I’ve been soo damn busy with work these last months like I would never have imagined. I gave it some more thought, and I finally got to the point (again I might add) where all just annoys and/or frustrates me.

All the damn bickering, the childish behaviour Josh talked about (“noooo, that’s my TOY!“), the constant abuse of power (hey #-chat, #-kde ops). I thought most of us would at least try and behave like the elderish people we are (well besides the few of us, who really are children by law’s definition – hey there welp, omp, keytoaster 😉 ). But I guess that’s just been an imaginary thought I had .. *shrug*

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